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Default Styles

Shepherd ships with some default styles, but we try to keep it minimal, so you do not have a ton to override. You can also opt out of styles entirely, by not including the shepherd.css file.

Custom Classes

If youā€™d like to change styles within your own CSS, you can pass custom class names to the tour instance ā€” or, as part of the options for each step ā€” and use them as hooks for your own styling rules.

let tour = new Shepherd.Tour({
defaultStepOptions: {
classes: 'shepherd-theme-custom'

Adding a prefix to the default shepherd-* classes

If you have a situation where you are running two Shepherd instances on a page, and they need to be styled differently, you may want to prefix the class names. This is now possible with the classPrefix option.

const tour = new Shepherd.Tour({
classPrefix: 'my-tour-'